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Patients centric solutions matter
29.08.2014 - Patients centric solutions matter...
Listen directly to the patient
28.08.2014 - Listen directly to the patient...
Increase your enrollment rates
22.08.2014 - Increase your enrollment rates...

A truly international patient recruitment provider

Dedicated to Patient Recruitment

Clariness is the leading European patient recruitment service provider, working in 40 countries and 28 languages, and with the experience of more than 700 trials, in over 80 conditions. We run the unique, international patient portal ClinLife®, dedicated to patient recruitment.

Excellent Client Services

We serve customers from the pharmaceutical, the biotechnical and the medical device industries. We provide innovative, customized solutions in the following areas:

Networks and Systems for study awareness and enrollment

Since 2005, Clariness has worked to build its network of patients, investigators, healthcare professionals, and patient organizations. The ClinLife Patient Portal is an active, growing community with more than 300,000 members worldwide.

As a global recruitment provider, Clariness has a thorough understanding of international clinical trial regulations, online marketing rules, and privacy laws. Our websites and systems include publishing of the study information, ability to draw from our patient community database, online screening of potential subjects and referral management.

Recently, Clariness introduced a site management service which consist of a dedicated multinational team of referral managers. The team contacts the trial sites to follow up on enrollment progress, to understand the site’s recruitment issues and to find solutions to improve study enrollment. This program has been shown to significantly increase trial enrollment.