Cooperation with Synexus Germany Print E-mail

06.10.2011 (Hamburg / Leipzig, Germany)

Clariness GmbH and Synexus Research GmbH agree to cooperate in the field of online patient recruitment in Germany.

Following a pilot phase of several months conducted at selected Synexus locations, incorporating patient recruitment for several trials and indications, the parties agreed to cooperate for the next year in August 2011. Clariness will provide all 7 Synexus investigator sites in Germany with access to an innovative but established recruiting strategy: ClinLife – the platform for clinical trials. ClinLife informs about clinical trials, medical conditions, treatments and research news and enables interested parties to register for clinical trials.

Interested patients are either addressed via Online advertising or, if already members, via the ClinLife database. It takes only a few clicks for patients from the Online screening process to be referred to the Synexus recruitment team. Synexus directly contacts patients as soon as they receive the patient information. A convenient solution for both parties.

„Because of the increase of the internet use among patients of various ages this source of contacting patients becomes more and more significant. The other advantage of online advertising is the option to target the range of action accurate to the kilometer.” says Helena Sigal, Country Manager of Synexus Germany.

Synexus Germany has 7 out of its 26 dedicated Research Centres in Western and Central & Eastern Europe, South Africa, the UK and India. Synexus with it’s headquarter near Manchester, UK is the world's largest multi-national company entirely focused on the recruitment and running of clinical trials at its own dedicated research centres.