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Clariness offers your company innovative, customized services for your international patient recruitment needs. We provide multilingual solutions in Europe, North America and Asia – currently in 23 languages and 34 countries.
Successful patient recruitment consists of two crucial components:

  • An effective advertising campaign
  • Turning patient’s interest into study enrollment

Our unique services include the development and optimization of effective advertisement campaigns and enrollment strategies. Our specially designed patient recruitment platform ClinStream increases recruitment efficiency by up to 50% and closely monitors patient flow throughout the enrollment process. Our services are comprised of 5 main components:

  • The awareness campaign, utilizing the full spectrum of advertising channels
  • Trial publication on our patient portal ClinLife and possibly the creation of trial-specific, branded websites
  • Online and call center pre-screening
  • An automated referral process, which expedites contact between investigators and patients
  • Our tracking capabilities, allowing for prompt campaign optimization

All components can be supported with follow-up services with investigator sites to ensure quality and provide in-depth analysis and reporting to sponsors.

Patient Recruitment Flow


Patient Recruitment Flow Steps