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Solutions for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Clariness's global reach accelerates your study's enrollment in all study countries. With 13 years of patient recruitment and engagement experience, we quickly and cost effectively find well qualified subjects that sites will enroll. Our ClinLife technology is live in 50+ counties and has been used by thousands of sites. Our Enrollment Management Center, staffed by 70+ Clariness employees who speak 29 languages, is the key to success. They help sites convert referrals to randomizations.

Here’s what Clariness can do for you:

Patient Recruitment

Speed up Patient Enrollment!

Our approach — powered by ClinLife technology and targeted outreach — drives rapid global patient recruitment.

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Study Feasibility

Improve Study Planning Rigor

Real-world data enables better forecasting of patient eligibility and patient recruitment rates on a site level.

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Patient Insights

Ensure Patients Fit Your Protocol

Upfront research can help shape your protocol by gauging patients’ eligibility and willingness to participate in clinical trials.

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Patient Retention

Reduce Your Drop Out Rate

Clariness offers customized digital tools and print material aimed at keeping subjects motivated in your trial.

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The CLARINESS Advantage


Studies supported


International site relationship managers and patient screening specialists


EC/IRB approval on 1st submission. 98% of all submissions approved in 40 countries


Indications represented


Years of experience in clinical trial patient recruitment services


Enrolled patients delivered to active sites


Languages internally spoken


Million visitors on ClinLife®

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Transparent & Professional

Clariness Comes to the Rescue for BioTech Firm

As a young biotech company conducting its first monocentric phase-I trial for an innovative Alzheimer Disease vaccine, we soon realized that the investigator site would not be able to enlist the required number of patients. Faced with this dilemma, we turned to the Clariness team for assistance with recruitment. Given our circumstances and the demands of our schedule, an online advertising campaign was recommended.

The campaign entailed placement of online ads with relevant search engines and publication of study details in the Clariness database — as well as the ability for subjects to register themselves. At the same time, our investigators were given access to the database through a personalized account, so that they could immediately contact potential study volunteers.

Clariness completed the setup of the campaign within just one week and managed the trial for the remaining recruitment period. We found Clariness staff to be transparent, professional, and very pleasant.

For future studies we will definitely make use of online recruitment, especially since it helped us complete our trial on schedule.

Project Manager, Biotech Company, Vienna, Austria

Effective Collaboration

Clariness Helps Berlin’s Largest Pharma Company Overcome Startup Hurdles

Clariness was the decisive factor in linking all relevant parties for our trial and establishing online communication with suitable patients.

Clariness began by analyzing our startup problems. The company identified the needs of the investigating physicians in order to set up adequate support.

To find eligible participants, Clariness published the study details and patient profile online at This enabled interested patients to gather information on their illness and at the same time check out current medical trials suiting their profiles. Information gathered from eligible patients asking to join the trial was forwarded to the closest medical contact person.

The initial problems we encountered before partnering with Clariness were quickly overcome, thanks to our close and enjoyable collaboration with Clariness. In the meantime, Germany has become the leading recruiter of patients for this study.

Working with Clariness solved our initial difficulties in a swift and low-cost way. We will definitely use the know-how gained from this experience for our future clinical trials.

Project Manager, Berlin’s Largest Pharma Company

Valuable Tools

Recruitment Phase Reduced by 8 Months for Global Healthcare Company

Clariness provided us with excellent patient recruitment services for a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease trial. Their support included online advertising for the trial, patient referral to investigator sites via their ClinLife online platform at, a dedicated pre-screening Call Center and an investigator site communication program.

The combination of recruitment via their online platform and pre-screening at the Clariness Call Center has proved to be a very valuable tool for effectively monitoring, directing and controlling patient referrals to investigator sites. Both our company and the investigator sites are truly satisfied with the service. The high quality of patients referred has resulted in a large number of randomizations and a major reduction in screening efforts at the sites.
Since the start of their participation in the trial, Clariness has referred 55% of all randomized patients — reducing recruitment time by approximately 8 months.

In addition, the continuously updated analysis of referral and tracking data enabled quick alterations where needed and provided us with an optimal forecasting tool.

Clinical Research Study Leader, Global Healthcare Company headquartered in Switzerland


Clariness supported 8 of the global top 10 pharmaceutical companies with patient recruitment services

Clariness supports us with patient recruitment for a difficult migraine in combination with PFO trial in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Clariness identified and implemented a wide range of activities to accelerate the enrollment of our study, including the generation of print campaigns, Internet activities, and direct mailings and engaging patient organizations and a specialized call-center.

Besides developing all relevant material and using their local knowledge and large network, Clariness continually adapts all activities to maximize enrollment efficiency. The biggest success has been the utilization of Clariness’s international Patient Portal “ClinLife” for our trial, which now provides about 40 % of all patients at significantly lower cost than all other measures.

Since we started working with Clariness, patient recruitment has been significantly accelerated.

International Project Manager – Minnesota, USA

Pleased With Flexibility

Clariness Keeps Scaled-Down Trial on Track

Clariness has provided recruitment services for the nine protocols. Both our company and the sponsor were pleased with the flexibility Clariness demonstrated in adapting their services when the scope of our project was scaled down to include fewer countries, protocols, and sites than originally planned. We have been very happy with Clariness’ capabilities — even under these difficult circumstances.

The number of referrals to each study, the fact that Clariness was able to refer suitable candidates for one of our protocols with considerable recruitment challenges and that, in the end, they referred more than 80 randomized subjects are some of the notable successes of this program.
It has been a pleasure working with you!

Patient Recruitment Specialist, Global Drug Development Solutions Provider headquartered in Boston, MA

Smooth Process

Clariness Trims 3 Months from Clinical Trial for Biopharmaceutical Giant

Clariness was responsible for helping us recruit patients to participate in two multicenter studies concerning diseases of the central nervous system. Each study was conducted in 10 countries, with a required total of 800 randomized patients. Clariness then developed and introduced the ClinLife® recruitment platform in all participating countries, organized an online campaign, and referred the volunteers automatically to the relevant investigator sites.

During recruitment, Clariness kept in close contact with the investigator sites to ensure a smooth process. We estimate that one-third of all the randomized patients were recruited through ClinLife. As a result of our collaboration with Clariness, the recruitment for both studies was successfully completed more than three months earlier than originally planned.

Clinical Study Manager, Global Biopharmaceutical Company, Frankfurt, Germany