Team Clariness at the MoPo Staffellauf relay race

On August 15, Team Clariness participated in the MoPo Staffellauf relay race for the 3rd year. The race is organized by the Hamburger Morgenpost and the PSD Bank.  The event draws over 10,000 runners who compete in a 5 x 5 km relay race. The proceeds from the event go to purchasing trees for the city’s Stadtpark.  Under the slogan “Achieving a goal together” the event brings the participants together for a fun and motivational sporting event. During and after the relay race, the teams celebrate with a giant picnic and party together in the Stadtpark.

Team Clariness was represented by Michael Stadler, CEO, his wife Dorothee and son Patrick, Henning Sievert, Leo Hesse, Manuela Miss, Friederike Hess, Catarina Kordsachia, and Lisa Graf. The team was divided into two 5-person teams. Team 1 finished #359 with a time of 2h19min and Team 2 finished #456 with a time of 2h23min. Well done to all involved in the race. You certainly deserve those after race beers!