Digital Patient Recruitment for Asthma

August 18, 2015

Project Background
Often, the very nature of living with chronic illness leads to motivated patients who seek alternative options and new treatments for their conditions. This was certainly the case with a recent clinical study involving adults with asthma. Clariness supported 250 sites across Czech, Germany, Hungary and Poland for a three month clinical trial patient recruitment campaign.

Clariness was asked to reverse earlier timeline delays, and complete enrollment within three months.

Clariness deployed a digital patient recruitment for asthma campaign, using online advertising to generate trial awareness and registration on ClinLife®, Clariness proprietary patient portal technology.
• Local language ads and ClinLife websites were customized for each country
• Banner ads and text ads were placed on websites based on demographics of trial population and caregivers
• Ads were shown within a specific radius around clinical trial centers
• Ads were started, re-directed or stopped for a site based on referral volume
Since the protocol did not contain challenging inclusion or exclusion criteria, Clariness recommended the use of a one-step online screener to streamline enrollment and avoid unnecessary costs.

• Campaign messaging resonated with this motivated patient population. Responses to Clariness’ digital patient recruitment for asthma campaign exceeded initial projections, with nearly 500,000 ClinLife web visits and a steady volume of registrations throughout the campaign.
• Clariness completed enrollment within the accelerated timeline, effectively reversing earlier delays.
• Total campaign costs were more than 25% under budget, while cost per randomized patient was considerably lower than trials involving other chronic conditions.
• Clariness provided 50% of screened and nearly 40% of randomized patients through digital patient recruitment for asthma tactics and simple, patient friendly online screening questionnaires.

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Katherine CloningerDigital Patient Recruitment for Asthma