Patient Survey for Psoriasis

April 27, 2015

Patient surveys are often used to gauge research interest, inform protocol development and explore patient willingness to undergo specific treatment regimens. When aligned with a global patient community such as ClinLife®, surveys can also boost patient identification by offering opt-in opportunities for upcoming clinical trials.


A large biotech organization needed comprehensive information to help determine patients’ attitudes towards and concerns about clinical trials, and to identify potential enrollment and retention issues for upcoming studies. Clariness was asked to develop a patient survey for psoriasis sufferers that could easily be distributed worldwide and quickly analyzed. Using ClinLife as an online data collection tool, the campaign was publicized in 19 countries for 15 to 20 days via online advertising. Over this period, campaign ads were placed on more than one hundred thousand websites in the local languages of the participating countries. Advertising, filtered by health topics, demographic and specific locations, directed users to country-specific landing pages on ClinLife.


Survey results exceeded client expectations, and then some…

  • 767 survey participants completed the online questionnaire – more than 20% than planned.
  • Scheduled to run for 15-20 days, Clariness closed the survey at 10 days after the response rate exceeded the completion goals.
  • All participating countries achieved 100% of target completion rates.
  • 10 countries completed surveys in only 6 days.
  • German responses achieved an overwhelming 300% of target, using pre-registered subjects in ClinLife, and required no external advertising.
  • 65% of participants requested notification about upcoming clinical trials, and provided contact details for follow up communications.


Katherine CloningerPatient Survey for Psoriasis