Digital Patient Recruitment for Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

Karen Rosenzweig | August 29, 2016

Cardiovascular outcome studies present unique challenges by the sheer volume of patients involved in these studies alone. Recruitment costs can easily escalate into sky-high digits, if outreach channels, screening mechanisms and patient referrals are not properly managed.

Katherine CloningerDigital Patient Recruitment for Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

Subject, Volunteer, Participant or Patient?

Donna Mongiello | July 19, 2016

A patient is a person who receives medical care. As a registered nurse, I delivered care to patients in the hospital and homecare setting, but there are many other settings in which patients can receive medical care.

Katherine CloningerSubject, Volunteer, Participant or Patient?

Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials Planning

Karen Rosenzweig | August 30, 2016

Scientific efforts to prevent, manage or better understand Alzheimer’s disease progression make news headlines every day. In today’s biopharmaceutical product pipeline, there are more than 300 open Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials, according to a cursory search on

Katherine CloningerAlzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials Planning
Clariness CEO and Founder

A Short History of Patient Centricity

Clariness CEO and Founder
Michael Stadler | April 6, 2016

The calls for patient-centric drug development are getting louder. Patient centricity, while in the spotlight now, has been taking shape for nearly 30 years, although fragmented and with variable effects on health outcomes

Katherine CloningerA Short History of Patient Centricity

Facebook vs. Google for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Nils Schäfer | March 16, 2016

Facebook vs Google for clinical trial patient recruitment? While Facebook operates with the strength of a major broadcast network with more than a 1 billion users, Google remains as the world’s digital superpower by virtue of successful bundling of multiple leading web platforms together.

Katherine CloningerFacebook vs. Google for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Site Support – The Extra Ingredient

Lioba Büdinger | March 3, 2016

Successful clinical research relies on effective patient recruitment and investigator site performance. The two go hand in hand. That’s why a key part of our enrollment strategy goes beyond patient outreach and focuses on site support throughout the clinical trial process.

Katherine CloningerSite Support – The Extra Ingredient

Snapchat for Patient Recruitment?

Nils Schaefer | February 18, 2016

Savvy marketers monitor social platform usage to identify new targeting opportunities. Social media requires continual monitoring to take advantage rapidly-evolving adoption rates and preferences. Following the theme of rapid evolution, this post is focused on the potential of Snapchat for patient recruitment.

Katherine CloningerSnapchat for Patient Recruitment?