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Our Formula for Success? Experience!

We’re confident that we can expedite your patient recruitment and enrollment to your satisfaction
with minimal financial risk to you.

Here’s how:

Global Reach

When you partner with Clariness, you will benefit from access to tens of millions of patients worldwide via our comprehensive online advertising campaigns and proprietary patient database. Our ClinLife Patient Portal receives over 40 million visitors annual from more than 50 countries.

Fast Setup

Our expertise allows us to have your recruitment campaign ready to go in 22 business days, excluding Sponsor and EC/IRB review time. We have a 98% approval rating on first submission from EC/IRBs around the globe. Efficient planning of your patient recruitment strategy keeps your startup timeline on track.

Our Experience

Clariness has enrolled patients in more than 1000 trials in 50+ countries. We have developed a highly successful online patient recruitment formula since we began offering these services in 2005.

Focus on Enrollment

Patient referrals are necessary to get your study off the ground, but patient enrollments are the key to its success. Traditional patient recruitment companies focus on volume referrals, which is often burdensome to the sites. Clariness focuses on providing highly qualified referrals that can be converted into randomized patients, boosting your enrollments by as much as 20-60% at participating sites.

Improved ROI

Efficient and effective patient recruitment is by far the most economical strategy for maximizing your trial investment, and that’s where Clariness outshines other solutions. You can save 30-50% utilizing our efficient processes and advanced tools rather than adding more sites to your study. The sooner you bring your study to Clariness, the better your return on investment.

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Leverage our experienced team and advanced technology to keep your trial on time and on budget. Clariness site relationship managers will work hand-in-hand with you to maximize patient enrollment and expedite your study.

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Steps to Success

Online Ad Campaign

Reach the right patients

Our highly targeted display ads effectively capture your exact study population in their local language.


Study Website on ClinLife

Engage and inform in local languages

Our ClinLife web portal includes study descriptions written in native languages, in terms that are easy for patients to understand. Better comprehension translates into heightened interest in enrollment.


Pre-Screen Patients

Drive highly qualified referrals to your sites

Our online and phone screening allow us to ask potential study patients questions related to the study criteria. Only those individuals who meet the criteria are forwarded to the sites, thereby reducing site burden.


Report and Optimize

Closely monitor enrollment status

Our enrollment managers contact sites to ensure they are managing their referrals. Our enrollment managers can identify issues early on and correct them so that no referral is left unattended.


Online Ad Campaign

Reach the right patients

We track patients from ad click to randomization. Our comprehensive, customized reports provide details on current recruitment status and site performance so problems can be detected and addressed immediately. Ongoing analysis is conducted to minimize ad spend.