Our Formula for Success? Experience!

We’re confident that we can expedite your patient recruitment and enrollment to your satisfaction with minimal financial risk to you. Here’s how:

Steps To Success

Online Ad Campaign

Reach the right patients
Our highly targeted display ads effectively capture your exact study population in their local language.





Study Website on ClinLife

Engage and inform in local languages
Our ClinLife web portal includes study descriptions written in native languages, in terms that are easy for patients to understand. Better comprehension translates into heightened interest in enrollment.

Pre-Screen Patients

Drive highly qualified referrals to your sites
Clariness identities qualified patients, reducing site burden and averting delays while increasing chances for enrollment. Both our online and phone pre-screenings pose the primary in/exclusion questions and are customized for your trial.





Manage Sites and Referrals

Support site enrollment efforts.
We track every patient through the recruitment process. By maintaining close relationships with the sites in their local languages and quickly addressing potential problems, we help them convert referrals into randomized subjects.

Report and Optimize

Closely monitor enrollment status.
We track patients from ad click to randomization. Our comprehensive, customized reports provide details on current recruitment status and site performance so problems can be detected and addressed immediately. Ongoing analysis is conducted to minimize ad spend.



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