Digital Media for Global Patient Recruitment

In this blog series, we turn our attention to some likely and unlikely sources of patients on social media platforms. We discuss new advertising channels that have the potential to positively impact global patient recruitment efforts.

Best Practices for Investigator Site Support

Any clinical research professional will tell you there’s no silver bullet for ensuring clinical trial patient recruitment success. As with so many things, it takes a mix of operational elements and execution know-how.

Digital Advertising for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment, Part 4

Without question, the targeting abilities and agility of digital media outperforms traditional media. One area that most of us can use a refresher course on the best metrics for campaign performance management, especially ones specifically created for clinical trial patient recruitment. The amount of available metrics for tracking can overwhelm seasoned digital marketers.

Digital Advertising for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment, Part 2

Messaging and content are so important to effective digital advertising. We could devote a series of white papers and seminars on this topic, but will stick to what we believe is most relevant to digital advertising for clinical trial patient recruitment. Before getting started, think about sources of important patient insights that can be used to build content.

Digital Advertising for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Many of us struggle to keep pace with the options offered by, and the ever-changing landscape of digital media. Our five-part blog series aims to de-mystify the digital advertising process by specifically focusing on how to optimize digital patient recruitment campaigns for clinical trials.