Patient Engagement in Clinical Development

Innovations over recent years have demonstrated many meaningful ways to engage patients. This article exclusively focuses on the use of social and digital media to engage patients throughout clinical development.

Highlights from The Patient’s Voice Seminar

Last week, Clariness hosted our (first-ever) The Patient’s Voice, a seminar designed to promote patient-focused drug development, and generate new ideas for researchers and drug makers to consider during clinical development planning, feasibility and execution.

Subject, Volunteer, Participant or Patient?

A patient is a person who receives medical care. As a registered nurse, I delivered care to patients in the hospital and homecare setting, but there are many other settings in which patients can receive medical care.

A Short History of Patient Centricity

The calls for patient-centric drug development are getting louder. Patient centricity, while in the spotlight now, has been taking shape for nearly 30 years, although fragmented and with variable effects on health outcomes