Effective Collaboration

October 23, 2014

Clariness Helps Berlin’s Largest Pharma Company Overcome Startup Hurdles

Clariness was the decisive factor in linking all relevant parties for our trial and establishing online communication with suitable patients.

Clariness began by analyzing our startup problems. The company identified the needs of the investigating physicians in order to set up adequate support.

To find eligible participants, Clariness published the study details and patient profile online at www.clinlife.de. This enabled interested patients to gather information on their illness and at the same time check out current medical trials suiting their profiles. Information gathered from eligible patients asking to join the trial was forwarded to the closest medical contact person.

The initial problems we encountered before partnering with Clariness were quickly overcome, thanks to our close and enjoyable collaboration with Clariness. In the meantime, Germany has become the leading recruiter of patients for this study.

Working with Clariness solved our initial difficulties in a swift and low-cost way. We will definitely use the know-how gained from this experience for our future clinical trials.

Project Manager, Berlin’s Largest Pharma Company

Katherine CloningerEffective Collaboration