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October 23, 2014

Clariness Comes to the Rescue for BioTech Firm

As a young biotech company conducting its first monocentric phase-I trial for an innovative Alzheimer Disease vaccine, we soon realized that the investigator site would not be able to enlist the required number of patients. Faced with this dilemma, we turned to the Clariness team for assistance with recruitment. Given our circumstances and the demands of our schedule, an online advertising campaign was recommended.

The campaign entailed placement of online ads with relevant search engines and publication of study details in the Clariness database — as well as the ability for subjects to register themselves. At the same time, our investigators were given access to the database through a personalized account, so that they could immediately contact potential study volunteers.

Clariness completed the setup of the campaign within just one week and managed the trial for the remaining recruitment period. We found Clariness staff to be transparent, professional, and very pleasant.

For future studies we will definitely make use of online recruitment, especially since it helped us complete our trial on schedule.

Project Manager, Biotech Company, Vienna, Austria

Katherine CloningerTransparent & Professional