October 23, 2014

Clariness supported 8 of the global top 10 pharmaceutical companies with patient recruitment services

Clariness supports us with patient recruitment for a difficult migraine in combination with PFO trial in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Clariness identified and implemented a wide range of activities to accelerate the enrollment of our study, including the generation of print campaigns, Internet activities, and direct mailings and engaging patient organizations and a specialized call-center.

Besides developing all relevant material and using their local knowledge and large network, Clariness continually adapts all activities to maximize enrollment efficiency. The biggest success has been the utilization of Clariness’s international Patient Portal “ClinLife” for our trial, which now provides about 40 % of all patients at significantly lower cost than all other measures.

Since we started working with Clariness, patient recruitment has been significantly accelerated.

International Project Manager – Minnesota, USA

Katherine CloningerReliability