Smooth Process

October 27, 2014

Clariness Trims 3 Months from Clinical Trial for Biopharmaceutical Giant

Clariness was responsible for helping us recruit patients to participate in two multicenter studies concerning diseases of the central nervous system. Each study was conducted in 10 countries, with a required total of 800 randomized patients. Clariness then developed and introduced the ClinLife® recruitment platform in all participating countries, organized an online campaign, and referred the volunteers automatically to the relevant investigator sites.

During recruitment, Clariness kept in close contact with the investigator sites to ensure a smooth process. We estimate that one-third of all the randomized patients were recruited through ClinLife. As a result of our collaboration with Clariness, the recruitment for both studies was successfully completed more than three months earlier than originally planned.

Clinical Study Manager, Global Biopharmaceutical Company, Frankfurt, Germany

Katherine CloningerSmooth Process